How to Play

Utah Jones: Relic Explorer

Adventure Begins @ Your Library

In the enchanting realm of Ancientonia, an ancient civilization forged powerful relics that held the key to unlocking hidden knowledge and unparalleled abilities. However, a sinister force known as the Shadow Seekers sought to misuse these relics for their own dark purposes. The relics were scattered across different realms to protect them.

The last hope lies with you, the brave archaeologists of Ancientonia, and our main character, Utah Jones.

The Relic Prophecy:

A prophecy foretells that a chosen archaeologist will rise to become the Relic Guardian and thwart the Shadow Seekers. Utah Jones, drawn by destiny, takes on the challenge. Will you take on the challenge?

The Scattered Realms:

The relics are hidden in various realms, inspired by real-world archaeological sites. Each realm represents a different region, and participants explore these realms to discover relics and unravel the mysteries within.

The Shadow Seekers Threat:

The Shadow Seekers seek relics to use for their own dark purposes. They are constantly trying to thwart Utah Jones’ efforts. Participants face challenges, battles, and even shadow-infested relics controlled by the Seekers as they advance in the game.

Embark with Utah on a quest to collect the scattered relics, solve ancient clues, and face formidable challenges to prevent the Shadow Seekers from seizing control.

Read to Level Up & Advance your Archaeologist:

As you dive into your reading adventures and track those precious minutes, you'll level up and evolve as an archaeologist, gaining incredible new skills and abilities. Each book you read sharpens your mind and prepares you to face even more formidable opponents.

The more you read, the more relics you’ll rescue from the clutches of the Shadow Seekers. But beware—they’re not going to make it easy for you! Your bravery and determination are key to outsmarting these cunning foes.

And that’s not all! Every minute you read earns you points that you can redeem for raffle tickets. These tickets give you the chance to win amazing adventure-themed prizes that will make your journey even more exciting.

So, keep those pages turning, stay vigilant, and let’s show the Shadow Seekers who’s boss. Ready to embark on the ultimate adventure? Start reading, level up, and let the quest for relics and treasures begin!

Complete Missions:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start in Egypt and travel around the world, uncovering ancient sites and their hidden treasures. Each mission you complete means another relic saved from the grasp of the Shadow Seekers, and with every victory, you’ll earn a special badge of achievement.

Imagine the thrill of discovering the secrets of the pyramids, the mysteries of the Amazon, and the wonders of ancient Europe. The world is full of amazing sites waiting for you to explore, and each one is an opportunity to prove your bravery and skill.

So gear up, adventurers! It’s time to embark on the ultimate quest, save priceless relics, and show the Shadow Seekers that they’re no match for you. Let the adventure begin!

Mission: Community Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ready for another thrilling quest? Join our Community Photo Scavenger Hunt Mission and put your explorer skills to the test! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out and capture photos of these hidden treasures scattered throughout our town.

Explore every corner, uncover the hidden gems, and document your discoveries with a photo. Can you find all the items on the list? This is your chance to see the town through the eyes of an adventurer, discovering new places and unearthing hidden stories. Grab your camera, and let the hunt begin!

For each picture you take and upload, you’ll earn 10 bonus points. Complete all 16 items on the list and you’ll be rewarded with 3 random game cards (if you’re playing for cards!)

Great Camel Escape:

It seems that while Utah Jones was on a daring mission in the heart of Egypt, a mischievous band of camels has staged a daring escape! These humpbacked hooligans are now on the loose, wandering the labyrinthine aisles and cozy reading nooks of the library.

But fear not, for you have been called upon to join the ranks of the Camel Catchers Extraordinaire! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track down all 24 wayward camels and help them back to safety before chaos ensues. Armed with your wits and keen eyes, embark on an epic scavenger hunt through the stacks, shelves, and secret hideaways of the library in search of our furry runaways.

Each camel you find will have a unique name. Once you've located a camel, simply enter its name as a secret code online into your trusty quest journal to mark it as captured. And remember, the fate of the library's peace and tranquility rests in your capable hands.

*Enter the names of the camels in lowercase and with no spaces. Please leave the camels where you found them. Don't get too close, they spit!

Enter the Adventure Raffle Drawings:
As you journey through the pages of your books, you’re not just uncovering ancient secrets and thrilling tales—you’re earning minutes that can be transformed into raffle tickets! That’s right, your reading minutes are your tickets to incredible prizes!

Every raffle drawing is a chance to win a treasure trove of themed prizes inspired by the daring exploits of Indiana Jones and Utah Jones. Imagine winning a prize with adventure gear, archaeology tools, and mysterious relics from around the world.

Remember, the more you read, the more tickets you can earn. Some raffles might require more tickets than others, so choose wisely and enter as many drawings as you can before the program ends. Don’t let these treasures slip through your fingers!

Utah Jones: Relic Explorer Card Game:

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Dive into "Utah Jones: Relic Explorer," the thrilling card game that combines archaeology, strategy, and excitement! Embark on a quest to uncover ancient relics, defeat Shadow Seekers, and become a legendary archaeologist

Getting started is easy! Sign up for our reading program and complete the Card Game mission, which will trigger your account to start earning cards. Then, pick up your beginner's pack of cards. Each mission you complete and camel you find will earn you random expansion cards to power up your deck and enhance your gameplay. But here's the twist: each new card will be covered with a scratch-off sticker, so you won’t know what you’ve got until you get home!

Each reading level you complete will earn you a higher-level archaeologist card to play with. And don’t worry if you get duplicate cards—they can be used in any deck just the same, adding to your strategy and options.

Join the quest, collect the cards, and let the adventure begin! Are you ready to become the ultimate archaeologist? Start your journey today!

School vs. School Challenge:

This summer, we're on a mission to see which school can read the most minutes. When you sign up, make sure to mark which school you go to, because every minute you read counts towards your school's total.

Throughout the summer, you'll be able to see which school is leading the pack in our reading adventure. The school that reads the most minutes by the end of the summer will receive a special trophy and other amazing surprises!

So grab your books, start reading, and let's see if your school has what it takes to be the ultimate reading champion. Ready to make history? Let’s get reading!

Text Utah Jones at 801-477-6667:

It's me, Utah Jones, reaching out with some exciting news! In past programs, we relied on in-program mail to keep in touch, but those days are behind us. Now, you can communicate directly with me via text! This new way of staying connected means you can share your adventures, discoveries, and the amazing things you've learned along the way instantly.

Don't hesitate to tell me all about the relics you've found, the challenges you've faced, and the secrets you've uncovered. I can't wait to hear your stories and maybe even offer some tips for your next big quest. So grab your phone, send me a message, and let's embark on this thrilling journey together!

Text me anytime, adventurers. Let's keep the spirit of exploration alive!

Happy Reading from the Payson Librarians:

Your enthusiasm and dedication makes our summer truly unforgettable. We hope you discover new books, learn fascinating things, and enjoy every step of the way. Keep reading, exploring, and embarking on new adventures!



  • Welcome: Sticker
  • Level One: Chinese Fortune Coins
  • Level Two: Hand-Painted Egyptian Papyrus Bookmark
  • Level Three: Adventure Journal/Notebook
  • Level Four: DIY Ancient Mosaic Tile Coaster
  • Level Five: Adventure Hat


  • Welcome: Kids Sticker
  • Level One: Beaded Snake Kit
  • Level Two: Rock Pendant Kit
  • Level Three: Mummy in Sarcophagus Kit
  • Level Four: Compass & Challenge Cards
  • Level Five: Coupons & Swim Pass


  • Welcome: Kids Sticker 
  • Level One: Beaded Snake Kit
  • Level Two: Tiki Necklace
  • Level Three: Egyptian Broad Collar Kit
  • Level Four: Compass & Challenge Cards
  • Level Five: Coupons & Swim Pass

Little Ones:

  • Welcome: Kids Sticker
  • Level One: Beaded Snake Kit
  • Level Two: Whistle Necklace
  • Level Three: Egyptian Crown Kit
  • Level Four: Binoculars & I Spy Cards
  • Level Five: Coupons & Swim Pass


An adventure magnet or pin will be earned for each mission completed.

Raffle Drawings:

Prizes for your age group's raffle drawings are displayed at the library. They can also be seen in your account under "Prize Raffles." Be sure you enter all the raffle drawings you can before the end of the program.

Collect all 24 camels:

Collecting all the camel secret codes will earn you an Egyptian Feather Quill Pen.